Taste and see that the Lord is good.
Psalm 34.8
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OUR soil



ECOLOGICAL Conservation

Regenerative AGRICULTURE

Spiritual formation is the lifelong, ordinary process of learning to follow Jesus.  We grow by the basic practices of Scripture, Sacrament and Prayer.  Tending the soil teaches us how to tend our souls.

We are a unity of body and spirit.  Therefore, we participate in responsible, healthy food production that builds our bodies and our souls, respects the environment, and strengthens the community.

Creation is God's first revelation, and is therefore one of the first ways we come to know God.  So we care for the earth, exercise wholesome stewardship over it, and remain constantly amazed by its goodness.


OUr Vision

To see rural renewal through
regenerative agriculture and ecological conservation 
informed by radical Christian faith.


We come from the farms, back roads, the Main Streets, & the breakfast nooks scattered all over Carroll County.  So we care about our communities, the churches in them, and the lifestyle and culture that has sustained both for generations.  So when we observed the breakdown of rural America, we started to wonder,


"Does the rural church have something to offer anymore? Do rural communities matter?"  

We believe the answer is "yes," and we started seeking a way to contribute.

As we looked around, we noticed that the world is focused on  many things of primary importance to rural communities:  sustainable food production, ecological responsibility, community development & spiritual intimacy.  We realized that what we offer is what we do best - produce food, and care for the earth and each other.

The Keep & Till is about learning to follow Jesus Christ in agrarian ways.  We believe that caring for the earth & producing healthy, environmentally responsible, organic food to sustain and support our bodies & local communities will help us do just that.

So if you are asking for an ordinary church, this ain't it.  But we hope you'll find something extraordinary - a fuller, more just, more sustainable way of following Jesus that may change the world.  Or at least our little corner of it.



Carroll County, MD


Tel: 717-309-7680

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