Pastor Sam Chamelin is the son, grandson, and great-grandson of Carroll County, MD dairy farmers, so he knows the hard work, passion, and commitment of rural life, and he dedicated his studies at Gettysburg Seminary to studying rural ministry and serving rural communities.  After serving in full-time ministry for 12 years, he knew that God's call was to develop a church that would honor rural life and faith, and respond to the urgent issues of healthy food security, the ecological crisis, and rural degradation.  

The Keep & Till is his best answer to this call.  And he hopes to serve you as you develop an agrarian faith - a faith that is rooted in place, the land, and the culture of rural life.  He doesn't believe it is a better kind of faith, but it is a unique kind of faith for this moment in the Church.  

Pastor Sam loves reading, writing, gardening, and homebrewing.  If he's not at the house, there's a good chance he's hiking one of the local trails, or coaching baseball or hockey. So whether you have spiritual questions, or just wanna hang out, drop Sam a note, let him buy you a coffee, & let's see what God may be doing.

Wayne Davidson is one of our founding directors.  Born and raised in Carroll County, he grew up spending many summer hours planting, cultivating and harvesting food from his parents’ vegetable gardens.  He is convinced natural and organic foods are one of the biggest factors in one’s overall health and wellness.

When Pastor Sam shared the vision of combining faith and food, he knew this was something that he wanted to be a part of.  Producing good food, teaching others to do the same and sharing not only the food but the faith with others is essential to living a fuller life.

Wayne enjoys a successful career on the Executive Management team of a healthcare company as the Chief Information Officer.  He enjoys fitness, sports and family.  He loves traveling to new places to taste and see what the world has to offer.

If you ever want to work out, talk about food and how it affects your health, or enjoy a glass of wine, feel free to give him a call.

Jennie Chamelin--her name means "God has been gracious," and Jennie's story is one of grace!  As a mother of three, a homeschooler, and a pastor's wife, Jennie lives a vision that is an essential part of the groundwork of K&T.  Jennie embraces God's calling as a co-founder of K&T by not hiding.  While she prefers day spent in yoga pants with phonics worksheets on the floor, it is no longer enough.  God keeps calling her out, telling her to take "one more step," then another, and Jennie remains obedient.  In the midst of paint on the floor, mayonnaise on the ceiling, and weeds in the garden, Jennie provides a welcoming and safe place to land for all who cross her path.


Jennie is a connoisseur of tea and baker of all things yummy, and she is passionate about preserving the land while building up women to fulfill their purpose in God's Kingdom.  If you are in need of a listening ear, have a grumbling belly, or need your spiritual teacup refilled, give Jennie a call!