“According to Scripture, the world we live in is God’s creation.

It is the visual, fragrant, audible, touchable, and tastable manifestation of God’s love, the place where God’s desire that others be and be well finds earthly expression.”  -Norman Wirzba

Before there was religion, church, or a Bible, God was revealed in Creation.  If we want to experience the wildness and wonder of God, we must know God as the one who bends down, puts hands in soil, and creates life.  AT K&T, we let the trees and rivers, mountains and beaches, cattle and cardinals do the preaching on occasion.


Wonder is the basis for all good spirituality.  So we want to get you out to wonder at the beauty of creation!  We're planning for a variety of activities - camping, kayaking/canoeing, movie nights, whatever to get you up close and personal with an amazing world!  Our plan is to offer one event per month.  Check the calendar for details.

K&T partners with the Willet Farm outside of Westminster, MD to host our community garden! There are a ton of cool events developing at the space, including varied area partnerships, children's events, live music, and more. Want to visit the space? Donate some compost? Get involved in some other way? Stop by any Sunday evening service or watch our social media spaces for upcoming community events!