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K&T and the Willet Farm

DYK? This year, K&T is partnering with the Willet Farm outside of Westminster, MD to host our community garden! There are a ton of cool events developing at the space, including varied area partnerships, children's events, live music, and more.

Watch this blog and our social media for regular progress pictures...even now, work is well underway to prepare for the planting season.

Want to visit the space? Donate some compost? Get involved in some other way? Stop by any Sunday evening service or watch our social media spaces for upcoming community events!

K&T composts! Our members collect their vegetable scraps each week--and those from some area partners--and bring them to the garden. More details on our composting plans will be shared, soon.

Kat Willet is serving as our garden manager this year! Does she feel trapped by this? Not as far as we know...

We're collecting newspaper to experiment with weed control...

A recent charitable donation! Have some tools or other supplies you want to get rid of? Email Pastor Sam today.

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