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Welcome to K&T Media! We're so glad you found your way here, this little spot on the internet where we tell the story of K&T as it unfolds.

One of our core principles is that "Agrarian churches don’t believe in division of labor, but in diversity of gifts that contribute to the health of the body." Everyone has a spirituality. Everyone has a perspective. Everyone experiences a community of faith in a unique way. And everyone's story is a contribution to the faith that we share. However, we all know that the Church these days is overwhelmingly driven by personality. Whether it's preachers, authors, filmmakers, musicians, or the like, developing voices can be drowned out by the talents or personalities of others in a community.

As Paul writes, "Brothers and sisters, this should not be so." We believe that rural churches are uniquely positioned to be places where everyone has an ACTUAL voice. We also believe that because rural churches tend to be small, we are also well-positioned to help develop the voices of those whose voices may be small but essential.

That's what K&T Media is all about.

Here, you'll encounter voices of many different kinds that share the life and ministry of K&T. You'll find those with well-trained voices, and those who are discovering their voice for the first time. You'll hear from adults and children, clergy and laity, lifelong church members and those exploring their faith with a community for the first time. And our hope is that you'll discover the beauty of diversity, and be inspired by our folks.

And if you'd like to contribute, we're always looking for writers, photographers, artists, musicians, filmmakers - whoever wants to contribute to our story, there's a place for you here.

So welcome! Stay as long as you like:-)

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